Monday, May 26, 2014

BONUS!!!! Kismet Video!

As promised, I am posting a video I made explaining how to setup Kismet to do wireless scans.

The only pre-requisites you need are Vmware (it will work the same in VirtualBox), and a VM of Kali linux. The only real difference is the message that asks where the wireless adapter should connect to.

It's my first attempt editing a video, so please be kind

Here is a new episode of Brakeing Down Security!

Wireless scans with Kismet and Aircrack-ng

Mr. Boettcher and I had a great time this week.  We talked all about doing wireless audits for PCI using Kismet and Aircrack-ng, and talked about some capabilities of both.


Alfa AWUS051NH (works in Kali/Backtrack):

 Using Karma with a pineapple to fool clients into connecting unencrypted:

Tutorial on hacking various wireless:

Here is a new episode of Brakeing Down Security!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kevin Johnson Interview parts 1 and 2

It's been almost 3 months since we had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Johnson, CEO of SecureIdeas. We haven't conducted a ton of interviews, but it was very interesting to get his perspective on security, and being in his SEC542 class was a great experience.

He has since quit teaching for SANS, but he is still doing training at other conventions now, many of those classes involve the newest versions of SamuraiWTF and Burp CO2, the new add-on for Burp.

He has another class he is teaching with James Jardine in Orlando July 14th-17th, 2014. More Info Here

If you are in Orlando, you should take this course. Much cheaper than you'd probably get at SANS, and probably just as instructive.

If you'd like to hear our two part interview we did with Kevin Johnson, you can find them below

Part 1 Part 2

Have a great holiday weekend, and if you find yourself without anything to do, feel free to grab our other podcasts and have a listen!

Monday, May 19, 2014

PGP and GPG -- protecting your data and comms

I just posted our latest podcast about using PGP and GPG in your daily life and work. You can listen here: We've also got a great integration with iTunes. We are 'BrakeingDownSecurity' on iTunes...

Or, you can just go to our homepage at

Thursday, May 1, 2014

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