Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#12: Here it is folks! Episode #1!

I hate sound editing.  I hate the sound of my voice when it's not reverberating in my head.  But doing this was all worth it. HERE IT IS!!!!  Episode #1 of "Brake"ing Down Security!!!!!111ELEVENTY!!

It's all about hashes.  I have included the show notes below in case you want to do more research.

Here is the link to access it on LibSyn:


LibSyn also gives us an easy RSS feed, and you can follow in your favorite Feed by using the following link:


We will try to get into iTunes very soon, but I will be posting this on my LinkedIn, and Twitter.

There are errors... We are working out the issues.  Sometimes it only sounds like we are out of sync... we talk over each other...

Something for readers just of this blog... I will post the heretofore unpublished first try of our podcast...  I give you EPISODE 0!!!  A prequel, if you will.  This was our first try at the podcast in our office.  We jumped around a little too much, which is why we re-did it.  If you click here, you can listen to it.  Uncut, unedited...



Feedback is welcome, thank you...

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