Sunday, July 17, 2016

2016-028: Cheryl Biswas discusses TiaraCon, Women in Infosec, and SCADA headaches

Long time listeners will remember Ms. Cheryl #Biswas as one of the triumvirate we had on to discuss #mainframes and mainframe #security. (

I was interested in the goings on at BlackHat/DefCon/BsidesLV, and heard about #TiaraCon (@tiarac0n on Twitter). I went to find someone involved to understand what it was all about, and Ms. Cheryl reached out. She's an #organizer and was more than happy to sit down with me to understand why it was started. This is it's inaugural year, and they already have some excellent schwag and sponsors. This is not just an event for ladies, but a way of #empowering #women, creating #mentorship opportunities, and assistance for people moving into the #infosec industry.

Also, since Ms. Cheryl's loves discussing #ICS and #SCADA problems and headaches, we got into the headaches, #challenges, and maybe some 'logical' solutions to fixing SCADA vulns... but does the logical approach work in a business sense?

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TiaraCon Dates: Thursday Aug 4 - Friday Aug 5


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