Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016-038-Derbycon Audio and 2nd Annual Podcast with Podcasters!

Mr. Brian Boettcher and I had a great time at DerbyCon. We met so many people and it really was excellent meeting all the fans who came up and said "Hello" or that they really enjoyed the #podcast.  It is truly a labor of love and something that we hope everyone can learn something from.
We got some audio while at lunch at #Gordon #Biersch talking about log monitoring inspired by @dualcore's talk on #Anti-Forensics talk ( and how to evade log monitoring with Mr. Brian Boettcher and Michael Gough. (shout-out to @mattifestation, @dualcore, @baywolf88, @carlos_perez)
We sat down with Mr. Osman (@surkatty) from the Sound Security Podcast (@SoundSec), who was a first time attendee to #DerbyCon. We get his thoughts about DerbyCon and what talks he enjoyed.
Finally, our 2nd Annual podcast with our fellow podcasters was on. We had it in Bill Gardner's room (ReBoot-It podcast) (@oncee), Amanda Berlin (@infosystir) from #Hurricane #Labs Podcast, Jerry Bell (@MaliciousLink) from #Defensive #Security Podcast, Ben Heise (@benheise) from Rally #Security Podcast, Tim DeBlock (@TimothyDeBlock) from Exploring Information Security Podcast, and SciaticNerd (@sciaticnerd) from Security Endeavors podcast
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