Sunday, November 27, 2016

2016-047: Inserting Security into the SDLC, finding Privilege Escalation in poorly configured Linux systems

Just a quick episode this week...

As part of the Brakesec Book Club (join us on our #Slack Channel for more information!) we are discussing Dr. Gary McGraw's book "Software Security: Building Security In" (Amazon Link:

We talk about the need to inserting security into your company's #SDLC... but what exactly can be done to enable that? I talk about abuse cases, #risk #analysis, creating test cases, pentesting, and #security #operations are all methods to do so.

Finally, I discovered a blog talking about ways to discover configuration errors on Linux systems that might allow #privilege #escalation to occur. Using these tools as part of your hardening processes could lower the risk of a bad actor gaining elevated privileges on your *unix hosts

You can find the github of this script and the audit software that I mentioned below:

Lynis (from CISOfy:
Direct Link:


Here is a new episode of Brakeing Down Security Podcast!

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