Thursday, June 22, 2017


This week, we discussed Ms. Berlin's recent foray to CircleCityCon, 614con (@614con), and her recent webinars with O'Reilly.

One topic we discussed this week was how to reach out to small businesses about information security. Mr. Boettcher (@boettcherpwned) had just came from a panel discussion about an initiative in Austin, Texas called "MANIFEST", which sought to engage small business owners with #information #security professionals to help them secure their environments.

So we got to discussing how you might go about it in your local hometowns. Many of us live in smaller towns, with numerous small businesses that either don't know to secure their #POS #terminals (for example), or office information not in a file cabinet. They may also just assume their outsourced IT company is doing that job, which could open them up to liability if something occurred. So we discuss ways to reach out, or get involved with your local community.

Secondly, we talk about software vulnerabilities found in the #CWE and the '7 Pernicious Kingdoms' which are the way some people have classified vulnerabilities. We one of the kingdoms, and how it is useful if you want to classify vulns to developers.

Finally, after the show, Mr. Boettcher and Mr. Michael Gough, who has been on the show previously discusses some #ransomware and why it's such a popular topic of discussion. (stay after the end music)



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