Sunday, February 2, 2014

Episode 4: Origin stories, and talking about mentoring and reconnaissance

Next week is going to be super hectic for your favorite co-hosts. Starting on Monday 3 February, we'll be taking SANS SEC542 in an effort to get our GIAC Web Pentest certs (GWAPT).

I haven't been this nervous since I went for my CISSP. Another company paid the skrill for that cert as well. Thankfully, I passed my CISSP on the first try. I was always excellent listening and retaining information in school, and I write a decent test.

But I know I'll prevail, because of excellent instructors like Kevin Johnson and Jason Lam. And I'll have my comrade in security Mr. Boettcher right alongside of me.

Anywho, enjoy the episode, we didn't have show notes, because of some logistical issues, our interview with Michael Gough had to get re-scheduled until after our class... but we are going to have that really soon, and it will be awesome.

Take care, we love the feedback, thanks to all those with positive feedback, and those with constructive feedback. We hear you, and are learning so we can do better.

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