Thursday, February 20, 2014

Episode 6 Part 1: Michael Gough, Moon Pcap, Moving, and editorializing

Holy cow! We are in iTunes!!!

We're in the big leagues now. I just noticed that this morning on our stats page from Libsyn... Apparently, people discovered us before I discovered myself. LOL

We had a great interview with Michael Gough (@hackerhurricane) from MI2Security about the malware that has been in the news recently. We talked a bit about how he would have done things differently if he was in the IT shop at Target.

One thing that we have to learn, as new podcasters in this industry, is to not editorialize. We cannot make statements of opinion as if they are a fact. We cannot say "Mr. Jones thinks X is fantastic", when he may not be all in on something.

It's a learning process, and thankfully, we learned it early, with someone who is cool and not pursuing legal action.

I (Bryan Brake) will be leaving the Austin area next week, and moving to the Pacific Northwest with my wife, who has taken a position with a small mom and pop software company up there. I'm going to be working remotely, which is always nice, but my job will be no less demanding of my time. I'll just have to adapt to 7am PST meetings. :) We'll still be having a podcast, next week is another interview with a person that Brian and I hold immense respect, both as a human being, and a security professional. You'll have to tune in to find out who. Use that spiffy new iTunes link. Now, we just have to figure out how to change the icon, and author, and everything...

Oh yea, was trolling Twitter the other day, and someone at @sans_isc posted a link to a pcap of the MOON self-replicating malware that is plaguing Linksys routers. I posted a link on the BDS homepage, so you can grab it. It goes to our Google Drive, so download and check it out, you packet weasels!!! MOON Pcap file

Without further ado, here's Episode 6, Part 1, with Michael Gough Link

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