Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Episode 6: Michael Gough Part 2, video tutorials, and moving to Seattle, and a big thank you.

We had a great interview session with Michael Gough. That gentleman knows his way around malware, and I think his Sniper Forensic Toolkit would work great if you needed to secure several sensitive computer systems on the network. His Bsides Austin in March is shaping up to be really excellent. Red Team/Blue Team debate, speakers talking about safeguarding credit card info, and the Wednesday night talk on Windows logging is going to something special. Add to the price of attending the conference, you'd be crazy to not go. Plus, We've been asked to have a table at the conference! I would love to say we'll have swag, but all we'll have is Mr. Boettcher (hopefully!) will be doing drive by interviews. Please come on by, and he'll ask you probing questions, like favorite colors, favorite packet dumps, and Picard/Kirk preference. :)

During the post interview conversation, we talked about the Neiman Marcus alerts that were being generated, 60,000 alerts, and they still didn't see them going off. Here is the link to that article... Neiman Marcus

We would really like to do more interviews, but I worry about not showcasing our talents, so I will be working on some tutorial type videos. Nothing fancy, just testing the waters for more in-depth type applications. I wanted to start with an oldie, but a goodie... kismet. Show how to it up, configuring it to work with GPS, importing into Google Maps... incidentally, this will be a double feature with war driving. I'll get to work on my shaky cam skills too... but if I can get it to work, I'll be doing pretty well.

I'm sitting in my hotel room with my family, waiting to fly with my wife, daughter, and 3 furry children to Seattle, so my wife can work at a great job. I am able to work remotely, which is great, except the time zone is going to be a bit different for me. Plus, Mr. Boettcher and I will be 2 hours difference, which changes recording times for the podcast. We have the same issue on my other podcast (, since up until today, we were spread across 3 time zones. Things just got simpler, but we still have 3 hours between Dale, Jared, Farid, and myself. Change is good though. Makes for an interesting dynamic.

I just wanted to thank all of the people who have downloaded and/or listened to our podcast. Thanks to all of you, we've been accepted to iTunes, and we're getting to do what we love. Sharing info, talking about security, and having a good time. Plus, you probably get a few CPEs in the process.

Next week, we'll have part 1 of our interview with Kevin Johnson. A really great couple of interviews. Stay tuned!

Here is Part 2 of the Michael Gough Interview: Episode 6 Part 2

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